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July 12

9.30-10.20: Josh Glasgow – ‘Alienation  and  Responsibility’

10.20-10.50: Coffee Break

10.50-11.40: Robin Zheng – ‘Attributability, Accountability, and Implicit Attitudes’

11.40-12.30: Brian Nosek – ‘Scientific Utopia: II. Restructuring Incentives and Practices to Promote truth Over Publishability’

12.30-1.30: Lunch

1.30-2.20: Luc Faucher

2.20-3.10: Clea Rees – ‘Actions, Attitudes and Automaticity’

3.10-3.40: Coffee Break

3.40-4.30: Amy Olberding – ‘Subclinical Bias, Manners, and Moral Harm’

4.30-5.20: Jack Glaser – ‘Implicit Motivation to Control Prejudice and Its Implications for
Standards of Intent’

5.20-7: Pub, set up for Poster Session

7- Poster Session, Catered Dinner

July 13

9.30-10.20: Samantha Brennan – ‘The Moral Significance of Micro-Inequities, Part Two’

10.20-10.50: Coffee Break

10.50-11.40: Nathaniel Coleman – Sexual Semiotics and the Seriousness of Stigma’

11.40-12.30: Larry Blum – ‘The Too Minimal Political, Moral, and Civic Dimension of the “Stereotype Threat” Paradigm’

12.30-1.30: Lunch

1.30-2.20: Jon Webber – ‘Negative and Positive Programmes of Countering Implicit Bias’

2.20-3.10: Eric Mandelbaum – ‘Attitude, Association, and Inference: On the Propositional Structure of
Implicit Bias’

3.10-3.40: Coffee Break

3.40-4.30: Kate Manne – ‘Investigative Injustice and the Social Construction of Deviance’

4.30-5.20: Katya Hosking and Roseanne Russell – ‘Anti-Discrimination Law, Equality and Implicit Bias’

5.20-5.35 : Short Break

5.35-6.25: Sally Haslanger – ‘Schemas and the Materiality of Social Practice’

7 Aagrah