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Workshop 2: The Epistemological Implications of Implicit Bias

The Epistemological Implications of Implicit Bias

The venue for the April workshop is the Tapestry Room in Firth Court

Friday April 20th

9.30-10.30 Michael Brownstein – ‘Perception, Emotion and Implementation Intentions’
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
11-12 Keith Payne – ‘Who owns implicit attitudes? Testing a meta-cognitive perspective’
12-1 Eleanor Miles & Jenny Saul – ‘Gender Stereotypes and Philosophy’
1-2 Lunch
2-3 Dan Kelly & Natalia Washington – ‘Implicit Bias and the Epistemology of Moral Responsibility’
3-4 Luvell Anderson – ‘Why So Serious? An Inquiry into Racist Jokes’
4-4.30 Coffee
4.30-5.30 Carole Lee – ‘Implicit Bias in Peer Review: Empirical and Philosophical Quandaries’
5.30-6.30 Carla Fehr – ‘Implicit bias, ignorance, and the effectiveness of epistemic communities’
7 Dinner

Saturday April 21st

9.30-10.30 Alex Madva – ‘Virtue, Social Knowledge, and Implicit Bias’
10.30-11 Coffee Break
11-12 Sriram Natarajan – ‘Distilling the Empirical Essence of Attitude IATs’
12-1 Heidi Lockwood – ‘Counterstereotypical and Uncanny Exemplars: Moving Beyond the Mere Maximization of Smartness’
1-2 Lunch
2-3 Stacey Goguen – ‘Stereotype Threat, Epistemic Injustice, and Rationality’
3-4 Maureen Sie & Nicole Voorst Vader-Bours – ‘Personal Responsibility vis-a-vis Prejudice resulting from Implicit Bias – an Exploration of the Arguments’
4-4.30 Coffee Break
4.30-5.30 Jules Holroyd & Joe Sweetman – ‘The heterogeneity of implicit bias’
5.30-6.30 Louise Antony – ‘Bias: Friend or Foe? Reflections on Saulish Skepticism’
7 Dinner